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My Name is Tina Marie and FAITH MADE ME DO IT, literally.​ I walk by FAITH! I talk by FAITH & I live by FAITH.

 I was born in Gary, Indiana to the late Clarence and Barbara Taliaferro. One thing my parents did was make sure that my siblings and I not only went to church but that we were also very active in church.

 I was a member of Zion Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. J.C. Wade Jr., I can remember him preaching a sermon titled "Now Faith", it was taken from Heb 11:1. Pastor Wade broke down the scripture word by word.


Now Faith..

Now Faith Is..

Now Faith Is The..

and so on and so forth. After that sermon series something shifted and I never looked at faith the same way again.  Fast-Forward about 7 years, I felt the tugging of the Holy Spirit to move. I didn't have a job or a plan....all I had was a WORD from God to move.I remembered that sermon series and purchased a bus ticket the next day. I figured If GOD said it, there is something to it!!!!

Jan 21, 2001 started my FAITH journey!! When people asked me what I was doing, why I was moving I would simply say.... I don't know but FAITH MADE ME DO IT!!!

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